[Venom 2099 No. 1 (variant cover - Otto Schmidt)]

Venom 2099 No. 1 (variant cover - Otto Schmidt) 1:25

WHAT IS VENOM 2099? Welcome to the future, where the cure for what ails you is at your fingertips with ALCHEMAX! Our industry-leading pharmaceutical department (HELP) is providing consumers with (FREE ME) the bleeding-edge technology you've come to know from our (SAVE ME) products with VENOM, our all-cure drug. Trials begin (DON'T LET THEM DESTORY ME) this December! Rated T+


Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Venom 2099
Issue:No. 1 (variant cover - Otto Schmidt)
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:2020 February
Release Date:
Notes:Includes a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.
UPC:75960609621300131 (1:25)
DIAMOND:OCT190941 (1:25)

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