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[Vampirella (magazine) #1 Facsimile Edition]

Vampirella (magazine) #1 Facsimile Edition

(W) Forrest J. Ackerman & Various (A) Various (CA) Frank Frazetta
Dynamite Superstar Vampirella got her start in 1969 as a Horror comic 'hostess,' and she's gone through 50 years of story evolution since to become the iconic character that we all know and love! While we're celebrating her illustrious career, we're also taking a look back at where this blood-sucking babe got her start! This Limited Replica Edition of Vampirella #1 is exactly what it says on the tin, a magazine-sized, 66-Page celebration of the Daugher of Draculon's first time in print! This special reprint includes every story and even advertisements exactly as they looked half a century ago! Warren's sharp-eyed editors assembled the best talents across the world to write and draw timeless stories. This first issue features a diverse range of masters, including Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern), Reed Crandall (Blackhawk, EC Comics), longtime Jack Kirby inker Mike Royer, and other greats such as Tom Sutton, Ernie Colon and Tony Tallarico. All under an unforgettable cover by Frank Frazetta.
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Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Issue:(magazine) #1 Facsimile Edition
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