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[Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (SC)]

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (SC)

(W) Shannon Hale, Dean Hale
An announcement goes out that sends waves of excitement through the community: There's a new mall opening on the border of Shady Oaks and neighboring town Listless Pines, and they all get to vote on the mall's mascot! Everyone goes wild over the election... a little too wild, if you ask Squirrel Girl and her BHFF (Best Human Friend Forever), Ana Sofia. Soon the two towns are at war; even the trusty Squirrel Scouts are going berserk. Is there something sinister at work in Shady Oaks? Something that has less to do with quality shopping choices and more to do with world domination? And will Squirrel Girl be able to unleash the furry paws of justice in time to save the day?
Novel, SC, 6x9, 336pgs, B&W SRP: $7.99

SALE $7.59 save 5% Add to Cart

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Issue:- 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (SC)
Cover Price:$7.99
Cover Date:2019 February
Release Date:

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