Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 4: Hellboy in Hell (SC)

(W/A/CA) Mike Mignola
The Hellboy saga concludes, with the most ambitious chapter, Hellboy in Hell, collected in its entirety - all written and drawn by Mike Mignola.
Hellboy is cast into Hell, where familiar faces reveal secrets of his origins, and previously unknown family members come forward. Hellboy forever alters the face of Hell, giving new significance to his role of Beast of the Apocalypse.
While featuring big answers and one of the most momentous choices Hellboy's ever made, Hellboy in Hell also offers a return to the simplest and best Hellboy stories, as Hellboy roams a unique world only Mignola could present, filled with strange and magical encounters rich with the power of folklore and myth.
The Hellboy Omnibus series collects Hellboy stories in chronological order for a definitive reading experience.
7x10, 288pgs, FC SRP: $24.99


Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Issue:Omnibus Vol. 4: Hellboy in Hell (SC)
Cover Price:$24.99
Cover Date:2018 September
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints HELLBOY IN HELL #1-10, and material from DARK HORSE PRESENTS (series 2) #16 and DARK HORSE MAVERICK: HAPPY ENDINGS.

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