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[Secret Weapons (series 3): Owen's Story #0 (Cover B - Sibylline Meynet)]

Secret Weapons (series 3): Owen's Story #0 (Cover B - Sibylline Meynet)

(W) Eric Heisserer (A) Raul Allen, Patricia Martin (CA) Sibylline Meynet
The complete SECRET WEAPONS creative team - Academy Award nominee Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Harvey Award-nominated artists Raul Allen and Patricia Martin (HARBINGER WARS 2) - reunites for an all-new, standalone tale spotlighting the Harbinger Foundation's most unique talent of all! Owen Cho is a conjurer...which can be a great deal more frustrating than it sounds. You see, Owen's 'psiot' ability - unlocked at great expense and even greater danger - allows him to materialize objects out of thin air...but he can't control what to summon or when it might arrive. But what do you do with a heap of undesirable object conjured from parts unknown, anyway? Have a garage sale, of course! Before the Secret Weapons take center stage in HARBINGER WARS 2 this summer, witness one of the year's most unlikely and unorthodox origin stories as Heisserer, Allen, and Martin come together once again to recount a life lived one item at a time in 'Owen's Story'!

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Publisher:Valiant Comics
Title:Secret Weapons
Issue:(series 3): Owen's Story #0 (Cover B - Sibylline Meynet)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2018 March
Release Date:

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[Secret Weapons (series 3): Owen's Story #0 (Cover A - Raul Allen)]

Secret Weapons (series 3): Owen's Story #0 (Cover A - Raul Allen)


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