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[Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe Photo Cover)]

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe Photo Cover)

(W) Eliot Rahal (A) Khari Evans (CA) Photo
Even killing machines need a day off! For the first time in over 30 years, two nanite-enhanced soldiers once controlled Project Rising Spirit - codenames: 'Tank Man' and 'Viet Man' - have finally earned their freedom and some government-sanctioned downtime, courtesy of Uncle Sam. After enduring a lifetime of war, blood, and fore, all these two semi-retired commandos want is a little vacation. But how long can this pair of highly trained tourists unwind and enjoy the sights of New York City... before they find trouble in the city that never sleeps? Leave the selfie stick at home as rising star Eliot Rahal (Divinity III: Escape from Gulag 396, The Doorman) and Harvey Awardnominated artist Khari Evans (Harbinger, Harley Quinn) give these old soldiers the danger-filled day off they deserve...and celebrate Bloodshot's silver anniversary with an action-packed tribute to the original BLOODSHOT #12!

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Publisher:Valiant Comics
Title:Bloodshot's Day Off
Issue:#1 (Variant Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe Photo Cover)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2017 July
Release Date:
Subscription:Bloodshot (2-issue miniseries)
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Variant Covers

[Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Cover A - Kano)]

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Cover A - Kano)

[Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Cover B - Khari Evans)]

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Cover B - Khari Evans)

[Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Cover - Ben Tiesma)]

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Cover - Ben Tiesma)

[Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Cover - Renato Guedes)]

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Variant Cover - Renato Guedes)


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