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[Dead Drop #2 (Cover A - Raul Allen)]

Dead Drop #2 (Cover A - Raul Allen)

(W) Ales Kot (A) Adam Gorham
The all-new conspiracy thriller continues from red hot creators Ales Kot (Secret Avengers) and Adam Gorham (Zero)! The biotechnology that is threatening to end us all is out on the streets of New York and Archer is the only one who can stop it -- with his bow and arrows, without pants. The group responsible for stealing the virus continues to play the city against the team.
But who are they?

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Publisher:Valiant Comics
Title:Dead Drop
Issue:#2 (Cover A - Raul Allen)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2015 June
Release Date:

Variant Covers

[Dead Drop #2 (Cover B - Adam Gorham)]

Dead Drop #2 (Cover B - Adam Gorham)

[Dead Drop #2 (Variant Valiant 25 Years Cover - Rafa Sandoval)]

Dead Drop #2 (Variant Valiant 25 Years Cover - Rafa Sandoval)


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