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[Vampirella - Prelude to Shadows, Volume 1]

Vampirella - Prelude to Shadows, Volume 1

(W) Nancy A. Collins (A) Cristhian Zamora
(CA) Emanuela Luppachino
Before Vampirella was marked by the Cult of Chaos as a living sacrifice to Lady Umbra, Queen of Shadows, she worked as an field operative for Cestus Dei, the Vatican's version of MI-6. In this one-shot, set before the "Our Lady of Shadows" story arc (from Vampirella #1-6), Vampirella must go undercover at a French convent to investigate a series of weird deaths and odd disappearances believed to be the work of a long-dead evil witch known as Metifa, Satan's Mistress. That's right - one of the classic Warren-era menaces makes her modern age debut, with bestselling horror author Nancy A. Collins at the helm!

GREEN $7.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Issue:- Prelude to Shadows, Volume 1
Cover Price:$7.99
Cover Date:2014
Release Date:
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