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Archer & Armstrong (series 2) Vol. 5: Mission Improbable (SC)

(W) Fred Van Lente, Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart
(A) Pere Perez, Tom Raney (CA) Tom Fowler
Archer & Armstrong are going to war with Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corps! (GULP!)
That's right, Valiant's globe-trotting adventure duo have been targeted for elimination by Project Rising Spirit's most elite kill crew. Their mission? Assassinate the the newly appointed leader of a homegrown fundamentalist terror sect named...Obadiah Archer?! And if they could take out his mentally ill, alcoholic bodyguard who just happens to think he's a 10,000-year-old immortal, that'd be swell, too!
It's an improbable mission with impossible odds. Do Bloodshot and the steely killers of the H.A.R.D. Corps stand a chance against two conspiracy-smashing heroes that never go down without a fight?

SALE $11.99 save 20% Add to Cart

Publisher:Valiant Comics
Title:Archer & Armstrong
Issue:(series 2) Vol. 5: Mission Improbable (SC)
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:2014
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints ARCHER & ARMSTRONG (series 2): ARCHER #0, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG (series 2) #18-19 and BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #20-21.

Variant Covers

[Archer & Armstrong (series 2) #21 (Cover A - Shawn Crystal)]

Archer & Armstrong (series 2) #21 (Cover A - Shawn Crystal)

[Archer & Armstrong (series 2) #21 (Cover B - Michael Walsh)]

Archer & Armstrong (series 2) #21 (Cover B - Michael Walsh)


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