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[Quantum & Woody (series 2) No. 10 (Cover A -  Kano)]

Quantum & Woody (series 2) No. 10 (Cover A - Kano)

(W) James Asmus (A) Kano
Quantum and Woody -- against the world... or against each other?! Woody always had a weakness for the ladies... and when an old flame lures the goofus into a gang of mad-science super-crooks, Woody flips back to his old lawless ways! Where does this leave Woody's sweet clone girlfriend? And now it's up to his own brother Eric, who isn't that sure he even wants to be a superhero, to bring Woody in! Don't miss this bro-down for the ages!

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Publisher:Valiant Comics
Title:Quantum & Woody
Issue:(series 2) No. 10 (Cover A - Kano)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2014 May
Release Date:

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[Quantum & Woody (series 2) No. 10 (Cover B - Russell Dauterman)]

Quantum & Woody (series 2) No. 10 (Cover B - Russell Dauterman)


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