[Red Giant Giant-Size 4-Pack (FCBD comic 4-pack)]

Red Giant Giant-Size 4-Pack (FCBD comic 4-pack)

(W/A/CA) Various
A GIANT-SIZE four-pack of GIANT-SIZE #0 Issue Specials!
ACTION! Wayward Sons--The spin-off to the legendary Webcomic series, this series follows the adult children of beings who were once worshipped as Gods; Tesla--At the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla and his trusty side-kick, Mark Twain, join forces to battle the Illuminati, led by the nefarious Thomas Edison!
FANTASY! Duel Identity--The world's greatest superhero is actually the world's greatest assassin! Pandora's Blog--When a young girl moves to a new town, she blogs about the strange things she sees, and gets some unwanted attention as a result.
ADVENTURE! Magika--A young boy discovers a magical world filled with strange mystical creatures who come into our world through a mound in his grandparents' backyard! The First Daughter--The President's daughter learns her destiny when she is pulled into a secret, supernatural enclave beneath the White House.
THRILLS! Darchon--Enter a dark world of supernatural threats that can only be handled by one man - but is he what he claims to be? Shadow Children--Children are brought to another realm, where they acquire supernatural powers and become members in an army of darkness.


Publisher:Red Giant Entertainment
Title:Red Giant Giant-Size 4-Pack
Issue:(FCBD comic 4-pack)
Cover Price:$0.00
Cover Date:(Unknown)
Release Date:
Notes:Limit 1 copy per customer.

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