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[Unity (series 2) Vol. 1: To Kill a King (SC)]

Unity (series 2) Vol. 1: To Kill a King (SC)

(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) Doug Braithwaite
To kill a king...they created an army. The world's most dangerous man, Toyo Harada, has been struck by the one thing he never thought possible - fear. Halfway across the globe, a new power threatens to topple modern civilization and, to preempt the cataclysm that is to come, Harada will unite the most unforgiving team the world has ever known - UNITY. Their mission: defeat the threat responsible for the destruction of MI-6, the decimation of an alien world, and the occupation of Eastern Europe... Unseat the warrior king armed with the universe's most powerful weapon... Kill X-O Manowar!

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Publisher:Valiant Comics
Issue:(series 2) Vol. 1: To Kill a King (SC)
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:2014
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints UNITY (series 2) #1-4.

Variant Covers

[Unity (series 2) #5 (regular cover - Clayton Crain)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (regular cover - Clayton Crain)

[Unity (series 2) #5 (variant cover - Matt Kindt)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (variant cover - Matt Kindt)

[Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Diego Bernard)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Diego Bernard)

[Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Mico Suayan)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Mico Suayan)

[Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Philip Tan)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Philip Tan)

[Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Raul Allen)]

Unity (series 2) #5 (variant pullbox cover - Raul Allen)


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