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[Robocop - Hominem Ex Machina No. 1]

Robocop - Hominem Ex Machina No. 1

(W) Michael Moreci (A) Jason Copland
(CA) Riley Rossmo
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: After a series of successful campaigns that cripple a portion of Detroit's criminal activities, RoboCop's system inexplicably goes down. While RoboCop's consciousness remains, his control is gone. As crime rises in his absence, a paralyzed RoboCop must watch his city burn. For the first time, OCP will learn that control is in the hands of the man, not the machine.

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Publisher:Boom! Studios
Issue:- Hominem Ex Machina No. 1
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2014 February
Release Date:

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