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[Fox No. 4 (regular cover - Dean Haspiel)]

Fox No. 4 (regular cover - Dean Haspiel)

(W/A) Dean Haspiel & Various
It's an epic brawl between the Fox and the mad King Of Diamonds in Freak Magnet: part four "the Voodoo You Do"! Who will win diamond-studded battle? And where is the Queen? The answer is sure to surprise you! Meanwhile, in "The Face of Hate Part 3: A Mind of Shattered Glass," the Shield is at the brink of defeat at the hands of a mysterious and powerful attacker! Identities are revealed, stories collide and "Freaky" reinforcements are on the way in this penultimate chapter!

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Publisher:Archie Comics / Red Circle
Issue:No. 4 (regular cover - Dean Haspiel)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2014 March
Release Date:

Variant Covers

[Fox No. 4 (variant cover - David Mack)]

Fox No. 4 (variant cover - David Mack)


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