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[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Bryan Hitch wraparound)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Bryan Hitch wraparound)

(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) Doug Braithwaite
To kill a king, he has created an army.
The world's most dangerous man, Toyo Harada, has been struck by the one thing he never thought possible - fear. Halfway across the globe, a new power threatens to topple modern civilization and, to preempt the cataclysm that is to come, Harada will unite the most lethal, most volatile, most unforgiving team the world has ever known -- UNITY. Their mission: defeat the warrior king armed with the universe's most powerful weapon. Kill X-O Manowar! Be here when New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Justice League of America, Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (Justice, Journey into Mystery) launch Valiant's first-ever superteam into the landmark comic book event of the year with an all-new ongoing series in UNITY #1, featuring covers by a murderer's row of comics juggernauts -- Doug Braithwaite, JG Jones, Bryan Hitch, Paolo Rivera, Clayton Crain, Travel Foreman, and Neal Adams! You've heard the buzz, you've seen the reviews. If you still haven't jumped onto Valiant Comics, the time is now! This November, UNITY is the perfect entry point for new readers.

GREEN $3.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Valiant Comics
Issue:(series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Bryan Hitch wraparound)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2013 November
Release Date:

Variant Covers

[Unity (series 2) #1 (regular cover - Doug Braithwaite)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (regular cover - Doug Braithwaite)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant 8-bit cover - Donovan Santiago)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant 8-bit cover - Donovan Santiago)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant blank cover)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant blank cover)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant cover - Bart Sears)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant cover - Bart Sears)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant cover - Neal Adams)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant cover - Neal Adams)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Clayton Crain)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Clayton Crain)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - JG Jones)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - JG Jones)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Paolo Rivera)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Paolo Rivera)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Travel Foreman)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant pullbox cover - Travel Foreman)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant sketch cover - Neal Adams)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant sketch cover - Neal Adams)

[Unity (series 2) #1 (variant USA Luge Team cover - Diego Bernard)]

Unity (series 2) #1 (variant USA Luge Team cover - Diego Bernard)


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