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[Vampirella (series 4) #29 (Retailer Incentive Red Cover - Paul Renaud)]

Vampirella (series 4) #29 (Retailer Incentive Red Cover - Paul Renaud)

(W) Brandon Jerwa (A) Heubert Kahn Michael
"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun": Part 1 (of 3)--After being scattered around for a bit, Team Vampirella is reunited with new purpose. It's a good thing, too, because the team will have their hands full fighting a coven of witches in the present, while Vampirella and Criswell are otherwise occupied. And by "occupied," we mean their minds have been projected 100 years into the future!

GREEN $15.00 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Issue:(series 4) #29 (Retailer Incentive Red Cover - Paul Renaud)
Cover Price:None
Cover Date:2013
Release Date:
UPC:72513018406102921 (1:15)
UPC:72513018406102921 (1:15)
DIAMOND:JAN131052 (1:15)
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