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[Absolution - The Beginning (FCBD comic)]

Absolution - The Beginning (FCBD comic)

Christos Gage (Avengers Academy, Authority: Prime) created a visceral world where law enforcement turns to super-cops to subdue the new breed of street evil. But when one cop crosses the line and begins hunting and killing criminals in secret, he becomes worse than those he brought to ultimate justice! Absolution takes fans on an insane roller-coaster ride that ends in a public hero's downfall, and the uprising of a violent judge, jury, and executioner. Absolution: The Beginning reprints the start of this classic series and provides a sneak peek preview at this summer's highly anticipated sequel, Absolution: Rubicon!

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Publisher:Avatar Press, Inc.
Issue:- The Beginning (FCBD comic)
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Cover Date:2013 March
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Notes:Reprints ABSOLUTION #0-1.
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