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[New Crusaders No. 2 (variant cover - ChrisCross)]

New Crusaders No. 2 (variant cover - ChrisCross)

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Ben Bates & Various
"Ashes to Ashes," Part 2. Tragedy strikes the town of Red Circle! Shaken by the devastation to their town and families, the heirs to the Crusaders legacy face one more surprise: Joe Higgins, aka The Shield, is their legal guardian! But secret bunkers, talking space monkeys and hidden weapon caches aren't exactly the best way to make a first impression. Who knew? The kids made it through a battle with the murderous Brain Emperor -- but can they get past Joe Higgins?

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Publisher:Archie Comics / Red Circle
Title:New Crusaders
Issue:No. 2 (variant cover - ChrisCross)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2012 December
Release Date:

Variant Covers

[New Crusaders No. 2 (regular cover - Ben Bates)]

New Crusaders No. 2 (regular cover - Ben Bates)

[New Crusaders No. 2 (variant Hero cover - Ben Bates)]

New Crusaders No. 2 (variant Hero cover - Ben Bates)


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