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[Waking - Dreams End #4 (Cover A - Fan Yang)]

Waking - Dreams End #4 (Cover A - Fan Yang)

(W) Raven Gregory (A) Novo Malgapo
Vanessa has finally tracked down the man responsible for the killings only to find herself captured by the killer himself. Now trapped with little to no options will Vanessa find some means to escape or will she too fall victim to the monster. But even if she does survive she will still be forced to confront her greatest fear. Madison Raine. The stunning conclusion to the series that redefines the zombie genre is here.

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Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Issue:- Dreams End #4 (Cover A - Fan Yang)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2012 September
Release Date:

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[Waking - Dreams End #4 (Cover B - Novo Malgapo)]

Waking - Dreams End #4 (Cover B - Novo Malgapo)


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