[Danger Girl - Revolver #3 (Cover B - Chris Madden)]

Danger Girl - Revolver #3 (Cover B - Chris Madden) 1/5

Andy Hartnell (w) * Chris Madden (a)
It's the sexiest and most dangerous event of 2012, and the action continues right here! While on target to recover a missing Peruvian treasure, Danger Girl Abbey Chase encounters a deadly new rival who may beat her to the punch. Will Abbey reach it first, or will the sudden involvement of Peru's most powerful villains prompt her to stand clear of the inevitable explosion?!


Publisher:IDW Publishing
Title:Danger Girl
Issue:- Revolver #3 (Cover B - Chris Madden)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2012 March
Release Date:
UPC:82771400308600311 (1/5)
DIAMOND:JAN120436 (1/5)

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[Danger Girl - Revolver #3 (Cover A - J. Scott Campbell)]

Danger Girl - Revolver #3 (Cover A - J. Scott Campbell)


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