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[Planet of the Apes (series 5) #12 (Cover C - Carlos Magno Retailer Incentive)]

Planet of the Apes (series 5) #12 (Cover C - Carlos Magno Retailer Incentive)

(W) Daryl Gregory (A) Carlos Magno
When the Lawgiver was assassinated by a human freedom fighter, the world plunged into chaos. Sullivan, now free from Alaya's clutches, takes humanity's fight for freedom to the next level, in a devastating gambit for ape and human alike! Writer Daryl Gregory and artist Carlos Magno continue their critically acclaimed run and end this arc on a cliffhanger that you have to read to believe!

GREEN $20.00 Add to Cart

Publisher:Boom! Studios
Title:Planet of the Apes
Issue:(series 5) #12 (Cover C - Carlos Magno Retailer Incentive)
Cover Price:None
Cover Date:2012 March
Release Date:
UPC:84428400214101221 (1:10)
UPC:84428400214101221 (1:10)
DIAMOND:JAN120953 (1:10)

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