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[Conan the Barbarian (series 3) #2 (variant cover - Leandro Fernandez)]

Conan the Barbarian (series 3) #2 (variant cover - Leandro Fernandez) 1:5

Brian Wood (W), Becky Cloonan (A), Dave Stewart (C)
Death has come for Conan and his fellow sailors in the visage of the privateer Belit! Rage and desire mingle in an orgy of slaughter as the barbarian and the pirate queen glimpse each other for the first time--as opponents in a battle to the last man!

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title:Conan the Barbarian
Issue:(series 3) #2 (variant cover - Leandro Fernandez)
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2012 March
Release Date:
UPC:76156820053900221 (1:5)
DIAMOND:JAN120101 (1:5)

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[Conan the Barbarian (series 3) #2 (standard cover - Massimo Carnevale)]

Conan the Barbarian (series 3) #2 (standard cover - Massimo Carnevale)


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