[Planet of the Apes (series 5) #7 (Cover A - Carlos Magno)]

Planet of the Apes (series 5) #7 (Cover A - Carlos Magno)

(W) Daryl Gregory (A) Carlos Magno
The hit series continues! The human ghetto of Skintown is fortifying itself against ape forces. Any ape that enters is shot dead on sight. To fight back, Council Voice Alaya unearths the Sacred Scrolls authored by her grandfather, the Lawgiver. Can these words be the key in turning the tide of the bloody conflict between ape and man? Superstar writer Daryl Gregory and white hot artist Carlos Magno ensure you have to "get your hands on these damn dirty apes!"


Publisher:Boom! Studios
Title:Planet of the Apes
Issue:(series 5) #7 (Cover A - Carlos Magno)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2011 October
Release Date:
UPC:84428400214100711 (1/2)
UPC:84428400214100711 (1/2)
DIAMOND:AUG110912 (1/2)

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