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[Vampirella (series 4) #6 (Retailer Incentive Blood Red Cover - Paul Renaud)]

Vampirella (series 4) #6 (Retailer Incentive Blood Red Cover - Paul Renaud)

(W) Eric Trautmann (A) Wagner Reis, Fabiano Neves
As an ancient, unknowable evil claws its way into our world, Vampirella must stand alone...or all that lives will suffer and die. With Dracula's minions pursuing their own agendas, and legions of tentacular horrors from beyond reality scrabbling for a foothold on the material plane, only one thing is certain: there will be blood...

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Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Issue:(series 4) #6 (Retailer Incentive Blood Red Cover - Paul Renaud)
Cover Price:None
Cover Date:2011
Release Date:
UPC:725130166388 (1:10)
UPC:725130166388 (1:10)
DIAMOND:FEB110910 (1:10)
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