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[Magnus Robot Fighter (series 4) #3]

Magnus Robot Fighter (series 4) #3

Jim Shooter (W), Bill Reinhold (A), Wes Dzioba (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)
In the year 4000, savage illegal prizefights operate in the shadows of the milespires. In one corner, the deadly, gen-enhanced number-one contender--Hyppolyta. In the other corner, the remorseless robotic champion--Steelhammer, who has annihilated every opponent he has faced, man or machine. Drawn unwillingly into the ring to save a life, Magnus must battle them both--steel-smashing man against super-woman, robot fighter vs. robot fighter--to the death.

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title:Magnus Robot Fighter
Issue:(series 4) #3
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2011 February
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