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[Hawks of Outremer #4 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)]

Hawks of Outremer #4 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)

(W) Robert E. Howard, Michael Alan Nelson (A) Damian Couceiro
In his quest for revenge, Cormac FitzGeoffery finds himself caught in a web of betrayal... one that can only be reconciled with blood. Don't miss the savage conclusion to BOOM!'s epic series based on the story by Robert E. Howard!

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Publisher:Boom! Studios
Title:Hawks of Outremer
Issue:#4 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2010 September
Release Date:
UPC:84428400187800411 (1/2)
UPC:84428400187800411 (1/2)
DIAMOND:JUL100877 (1/2)

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