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[Conan (series 2) Vol. 8: Black Colossus (SC)]

Conan (series 2) Vol. 8: Black Colossus (SC)

Timothy Truman (W), Tomas Giorello (P/Cover), and Jose Villarrubia (C)
Conan, once a wandering thief, tries his luck as a professional warrior, joining Amalric's mercenary forces to live as a rank-and-file soldier. However, something much more than luck will lead Conan on a collision course with the strongest, strangest army he's ever faced! Princess Yasmela--the city of Khoraja's remaining sovereign--has been haunted by terrifying apparitions of the wizard Natohk, and when Natohk threatens to bring his demonic hordes to Khoraja, Yasmela prays to the god Mitra for help. Mitra actually responds and tells her to place the fate of her entire kingdom into the hands of the first man she meets out in the city streets--and that man is a drunk, hesitant barbarian! Conan may turn out to be Khoraja's best hope for survival, but his distrust of the soft upper classes and their disdain for his common station may derail any possibility of working together to halt Natohk's bid for world domination.

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Issue:(series 2) Vol. 8: Black Colossus (SC)
Cover Price:$17.99
Cover Date:2010 June
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #8-13.
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