[Alias Vol. 1, No. 1 (Marvel's Greatest Comics edition)]

Alias Vol. 1, No. 1 (Marvel's Greatest Comics edition)

painted cover by david mack
brian michael bendis/michael gaydos
* THE SCOOP: The House kicks off its Mature Readers imprint with a new crime fiction series written by Brian Michael Bendis!
* THE STORY: Meet Jessica Jones, a former costumed super hero who, in fact, stunk at it. With powers unremarkable in comparison to the great icons of Marvel, Jessica never found her niche. But once she hung up her cape, she was surprised at how quickly she fell out of the spandex loop. Sure, she may hang out with some of the Avengers socially, but she's not welcome in Avengers Mansion. And she feels the rejection. She's self-destructive, drinks too much, and has a huge inferiority complex. And did we mention that she's now a Private Investigator who specializes in cases of the super human variety? So if you're thirsty for the film noir feel and complex characterization, grab a stool at the bar!
* BENDIS SPEAKS: "We'll follow Jessica through a totally unique look at the Marvel Universe. We'll see ideas and characters from a different light. Things you have never seen before in a Marvel comic. It's an adult oriented crime drama, much in the vein of my graphic novels Jinx and Powers and my work on DAREDEVIL. It's a character driven piece. Luke Cage, Matt Murdock, and Carol Danvers all pop up in early issues, just to name a few. And it's beautiful to look at with art by penciler Michael Gaydos (Jinx) and inker Matt Hollingsworth, and with stunning painted covers by David Mack."


Publisher:Marvel Comics / MAX
Issue:Vol. 1, No. 1 (Marvel's Greatest Comics edition)
Cover Price:$1.00
Cover Date:2010 June
Release Date:

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