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[Conan the Cimmerian #19 (standard cover - Joseph Michael Linsner)]

Conan the Cimmerian #19 (standard cover - Joseph Michael Linsner)

Timothy Truman (W/P), Tomas Giorello (P), Jose Villarrubia (C)
Tomas Giorello returns to full penciling duties--with the remarkable colors of Jose Villarrubia fleshing out each page--and Timothy Truman scripts this first episode in a new, three-issue story arc entitled "Kozaki"! After burning a few bridges and making some questionable choices, mainly fueled by jealousy over Prince Julion's recent appearance in Khoraja and a hatred for pampered royalty and their courtly life, Conan leaves Yasmela and her palace behind. Now leading Amalric's mercenary army, Conan is again responsible for the lives of others. But is he skilled and experienced enough to do the job right? In this issue, we'll also discover more bleak premonitions and clues concerning Conan's near future, when Conan and his companions leave organized mercenary life behind in order to survive as a group of raiders and looters. Such actions will undoubtedly draw the attentions of others, though, and the troubles that began for Conan in the previous "Free Companions" arc are far from over!

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title:Conan the Cimmerian
Issue:#19 (standard cover - Joseph Michael Linsner)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2010 March
Release Date:
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