[Rapture (series 3) #5 (variant cover - Matt Wagner)]

Rapture (series 3) #5 (variant cover - Matt Wagner) 1:5

Michael Avon Oeming (W/A), Taki Soma (W), and Val Staples (C)
After the collapse of society, the world is slowly beginning to discover new champions, who bring with them the hope of salvation. One of those champions, Evelyn Town, struggles with her newfound power. To complicate matters, she finds herself in conflict with a vicious and cruel champion who has been twisted by power - except this champion is a small child!
Now, after sacrificing everything to find him, Evelyn stands accused by her lover, Gil, of being just as evil as the child champion she opposes. Gil's love for Evelyn has transformed into hatred as his newfound powers have begun to corrupt him.
Will these former lovers use their powers to destroy each other, or will their passion bring them together to save the world? Alternate cover from Grendel creator Matt Wagner!


Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Issue:(series 3) #5 (variant cover - Matt Wagner)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2009 November
Release Date:
UPC:76156816375900511 (1:5)
DIAMOND:AUG090022 (1:5)

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[Rapture (series 3) #5 (standard cover - Michael Avon Oeming)]

Rapture (series 3) #5 (standard cover - Michael Avon Oeming)


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