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[Gravel #13 (wraparound cover - Mike Wolfer)]

Gravel #13 (wraparound cover - Mike Wolfer)

(W) Warren Ellis (W/A) Mike Wolfer
Combat Magician William Gravel is playing with powers far beyond his own in this second story arc of his ongoing series! The Major Seven gave Gravel a puzzle to solve, how does one of the royalty of magic in England get killed in a place where she cannot possibly die? Gravel only knows one way to solve puzzles - by shooting them, and then shooting anyone who complains. He doesn't know another way to do business, and that might just see him dead. How does one man affect a group who are more numerous and more deadly? Well, that's pretty much what the SAS was invented for!

GREEN $3.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Avatar Press, Inc.
Issue:#13 (wraparound cover - Mike Wolfer)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2009 August
Release Date:

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[Gravel #13 (standard cover - Mike Wolfer)]

Gravel #13 (standard cover - Mike Wolfer)


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