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[Hellboy - The Wild Hunt #5]

Hellboy - The Wild Hunt #5

Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Gary Gianni (W/A), Duncan Fegredo (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Alex Wald (C)
Hellboy and Alice have prevailed against a vicious ambush, but they haven't come out unscathed. After she is struck by a poisonous arrow, Alice's life hangs by a thread, and Hellboy's only hope of saving her rests inside a castle under assault by a horde of demons. To get to the castle, and the mysterious sorceress inside, Hellboy has to punch through her castle's fiercest assailant - a demonic commander of the legions of Hell who guards the entrance to her stronghold!
* After a brief hiatus, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt resumes its monthly schedule, revealing new secrets about Hellboy's origins!
* This issue also features the long-awaited return of Gary Gianni's The MonsterMen!

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Issue:- The Wild Hunt #5
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2009 August
Release Date:

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