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[Absolution #0 (standard cover - Jacen Burrows)]

Absolution #0 (standard cover - Jacen Burrows)

by Christos Gage & Roberto Viacava
Super-star writer Christos Gage gets to cuts loose with his first series at Avatar with a seven issue epic that kicks off here with a specially priced #0! John Dusk is a man of honor. He has been fighting crime inside the rules of the law. He respects the laws he's been sworn to uphold. But day after day, bringing in the same scum, and watching the revolving door of justice, there comes a time when a man is pushed too far. When you're bound by rules that the bad guys ignore, when the criminals are going free, when the worst kind of man is loosed on the world, when do you finally take a stand? Where do you draw the line between being the good guy, and getting the job done - for good? Absolution is the story of masked heroes pushed to the brink, standing on their own, and against their best friends. Sometimes, a man just needs killing.

GREEN $1.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Avatar Press, Inc.
Issue:#0 (standard cover - Jacen Burrows)
Cover Price:$1.99
Cover Date:2009 June
Release Date:

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[Absolution #0 (wraparound cover - Juan Jose Ryp)]

Absolution #0 (wraparound cover - Juan Jose Ryp)


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