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[Gravel #11 (standard cover - Mike Wolfer)]

Gravel #11 (standard cover - Mike Wolfer)

(W) Warren Ellis (W/A) Mike Wolfer
Combat Magician William Gravel is getting a bit out of his depth in this second story arc of his ongoing series! Someone's lying to William Gravel. Usually, when that happens, they die horribly soon after. But Gravel is now one of the kings of magic in Britain, and the liar is one of his peers - someone he could not possibly kill. Someone who could very possibly kill him. Not the best time for Gravel to bump into an old enemy - whom he's actually never met! He never did find the person behind a very strange prostitution operation he was obliged to close down in Los Angeles a few years ago. Someone who was selling some Stranger Kisses to very powerful people. A very bad time for William Gravel to be targeted by a kill-team of prime gunmen from California.

GREEN $3.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Avatar Press, Inc.
Issue:#11 (standard cover - Mike Wolfer)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2009 April
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[Gravel #11 (wraparound cover - Mike Wolfer)]

Gravel #11 (wraparound cover - Mike Wolfer)


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