[Wonderland Annual #1 (Cover B - Eric Basaldua)]

Wonderland Annual #1 (Cover B - Eric Basaldua) 1/2

(W) Dan Wickline (A) Dave Hoover
In the first-ever Wonderland Annual Dan Wickline (30 Days of Nights) brings you a tale of madness and horror unlike any seen before in the pages of Zenescope's hit Wonderland series. Once upon a time a young girl name Alice went to a place called Wonderland. It was a place that wasn't very nice. She came back and had a nice little family and then her daughter, Callie went to Wonderland too and soon their nice little family was no more. Now a new family has moved into the Liddell house but Wonderland is still there trying to get out - and it doesn't like the new tenants!


Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Issue:Annual #1 (Cover B - Eric Basaldua)
Cover Price:$5.99
Cover Date:2009 May
Release Date:
UPC:718122623754 (1/2)
DIAMOND:JAN094545 (1/2)

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[Wonderland Annual #1 (Cover A - Eric J.)]

Wonderland Annual #1 (Cover A - Eric J.)


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