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[Street Fighter Legends - Chun-Li #2 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)]

Street Fighter Legends - Chun-Li #2 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)

(W) Ken Siu-Chong (A) Omar Dogan
The prequel series continues, as young officer Chun-li and her partner Po-lin are hot on the trail of Shadaloo's latest Hong Kong scheme. Plus, a pivotal moment is revealed in the life of everyone's favorite loser, Dan Hibiki, as Dan's father faces of against the King of Muay Thai - Sagat!

GREEN $3.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Udon Entertainment
Title:Street Fighter Legends
Issue:- Chun-Li #2 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)
Cover Price:$3.95
Cover Date:2009 March
Release Date:

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[Street Fighter Legends - Chun-Li #2 (Cover B - Jeffrey Cruz)]

Street Fighter Legends - Chun-Li #2 (Cover B - Jeffrey Cruz)


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