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[1001 Arabian Nights - The Adventures of Sinbad #8 (Cover A - Al Rio)]

1001 Arabian Nights - The Adventures of Sinbad #8 (Cover A - Al Rio)

by Dan Wickline & Pant
"Sinbad and The City of the Dead!" Part One of Sinbad's next adventure starts here as Sinbad and his crew head to Egypt in order to find the next piece of the Jericho Visor called the "Crown of Anubis." While his men stop for some rest and relaxation, Vu accidentally starts a bar fight which escalates rather quickly. Meanwhile, a mysterious-yet-beautiful woman from Sinbad's past pays a visit, offering to guide Sinbad on his dangerous quest. Now is the time to join the series that reinvents the legend of Sinbad, as he and his eclectic crew set out on yet another incredible adventure!

GREEN $2.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:1001 Arabian Nights
Issue:- The Adventures of Sinbad #8 (Cover A - Al Rio)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2009 January
Release Date:

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