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[Gravel #6 (wraparound cover)]

Gravel #6 (wraparound cover)

by Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer & Oscar Jimenez
Gravel, the explosive monthly series from Ellis and Wolfer, continues to slam through the competition with it's vicious, bloody run! In his violent search for the six pieces of an ancient text of unimaginable supernatural power, Sergeant Major William Gravel has left the mangled corpses of 14 fellow magicians and Occult Detectives in his wake. Bruised, torn, beaten and cut beyond even super-normal endurance, Gravel would like nothing more than to enjoy the spoils of his victory. What's a bloke got to do before he can get some rest and have a nice breakfast at the country estate of one of the men he murdered? Bill should know better - every victory has an unexpected price. Much to his dismay, Gravel has also inherited the mantle of mentor to dozens of magicians-in-training - acolytes who are now leaderless - because Gravel killed their master! The final two pieces of the Sigsand Manuscript are still in the possession of his most powerful opponents, and it's time for Gravel to call in some favors as he prepares for all-out war. There are, of course, worse things to have at his disposal than a score of magic-wielding assassins to blindly follow him into battle!

GREEN $3.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Avatar Press, Inc.
Issue:#6 (wraparound cover)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2008 October
Release Date:

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[Gravel #6 (standard cover)]

Gravel #6 (standard cover)


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