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[Helm #3]

Helm #3

Jim Hardison (W), Bart Sears (P), and Randy Elliott (I)
Has Matt Blurdy's luck run out? His emergence as the new Valhalladrim has enraged the dark force responsible for keeping the Helm dormant for nearly a hundred years. This tremendous evil has sent a powerful necromancer - a familiar face! - to bend the previous Valhalladrim's ghost to his will and reveal Matt's location. As if that's not enough to worry about, Matt's on-again girlfriend, Jill, discovers his connection to recently reported murders and thinks he's gone crazy. This Chosen One stuff is a lot more complicated than it's cracked up to be, and fate is closing in ...

GREEN $3.50 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2008 October
Release Date:

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