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[Charlatan Ball #2]

Charlatan Ball #2

art & cover ANDY SURIANO
THE BALL IS THE PLACE TO BE! Funky stage magician, CHUCK AMOK and his trusty show rabbit, CAESAR, find themselves in a realm where magic is real - and it's all worth fighting over! DEMON EMPTY's patsy plan is moving along perfectly... so make room for the DANCING SWAMI REVUE and the mythical creature they conjure up with their fancy footwork. And is there any giant magic chick hotter than DONNARAMA?! More importantly, is there any comic book with more bang for your buck?! Is there any point to these rhetorical questions?!

GREEN $2.50 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Charlatan Ball
Cover Price:$2.50
Cover Date:2008 July
Release Date:

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Charlatan Ball

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