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[Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper #2 (Cover A - Rich Bonk)]

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper #2 (Cover A - Rich Bonk)

by Mike Kalvoda
Seven hundred years ago he took a horrifying revenge and paid the ultimate price for his sins. Now he's returned to forge a deal that will cost more than just your life. Sean has released an age-old evil and now those that have tormented him will suffer the consequences of their actions. But when Sean realizes exactly what he has unleashed will he have the courage to stand against a power that could destroy them all. It's time to pay the Piper!

SALE $8.09 save 10% Add to Cart

Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper
Issue:#2 (Cover A - Rich Bonk)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2008 April
Release Date:

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