[1001 Arabian Nights - The Adventures of Sinbad #0 (Cover A - Al Rio)]

1001 Arabian Nights - The Adventures of Sinbad #0 (Cover A - Al Rio)

by Dan Wickline
From the company that brought you the smash indy hit Grimm Fairy Tales comes an exciting new series you can't miss! The fantastic tales of adventures from 1001 Arabian Nights have entertained and enchanted audiences for hundreds of years. Now Zenescope brings you a bold reinterpretation of these classic tales. This first series follows the adventures of Sinbad and his crew as they travel the seven seas, encountering fantastic beasts and a seductive enchantress, while searching for the mysterious and magical Jericho Visor. This is Sinbad like you've never seen him before. Written by Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night), this special preview issue is only 99 cents!


Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:1001 Arabian Nights
Issue:- The Adventures of Sinbad #0 (Cover A - Al Rio)
Cover Price:$0.99
Cover Date:2008 April
Release Date:

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