[Criminal (series 2) No. 2]

Criminal (series 2) No. 2

It's the second of three standalone stories as CRIMINAL's new expanded format keeps the hits coming!
In previous arcs of Criminal we've met the man who killed him, and we met his only surviving son... Now meet Teeg Lawless, thief, murderer, and all around bad mother#@$%er. Fresh from two tours in Vietnam, Teeg arrives home in 1972 carrying the baggage of war: a drug habit, and an unpaid debt to a local mob boss that's now long overdue. "Before the Living End" tells how he goes about finding a way out of his problems and back into the life of crime.
And on top of this longer-than-usual length main story, CRIMINAL now features an expanded back-pages section as well - with articles by Brubaker and other top crime writers, from novelists to screenwriters to comic writers. These noir articles have become a popular piece of the CRIMINAL package, and are something that can only be found in the comics, not in any collections.
So don't miss out on this second standalone issue of the most acclaimed crime comic on the stands!


Publisher:Marvel Comics / Icon
Issue:(series 2) No. 2
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2008 March
Release Date:

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