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[Wonderland (series 2) #3]

Wonderland (series 2) #3

by Tommy Kovac & Sonny Liew
The White Rabbit is in quite a pickle, having been tricked by the Cheshire Cat into leading the furious Jabberwock right into the royal gardens of the Queen of Hearts. Caught between two beasts, will the rabbit loose his head? Meanwhile, Mary Ann and Feather are trapped at the bottom of a sticky treacle well with the three Twee sisters, Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie, and their royal guests, the King and Queen of Spades. If a butterfly beats its wings at the bottom of a treacle well, will a monarchy be overturned?

GREEN $3.50 Add to Cart

Publisher:Slave Labor Graphics
Issue:(series 2) #3
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2007 January
Release Date:

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