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[Criminal Macabre #19: Two Red Eyes #3]

Criminal Macabre #19: Two Red Eyes #3

This has to be the worst week in Cal McDonald's life. First his only human friend dies (thanks, in part, to Cal). Then he gets beaten nearly to death by a gang of cops. And then he goes into withdrawal while he's in a coma from the beating. And the cherry on top of this sad-sack sundae - Cal's ex, Sabrina, has been kidnapped by the oldest evil in the books, Nosferatu, and now he's using her to bait Cal into a trap.
Getting an early discharge from the hospital was easy enough, thanks to Mo'Lock and his posse of ghouls, but now he's gotta make it past the army of cops, find Sabrina, and figure out a way to kill a vampire nobody else in history has been able to touch. And did we mention he's doing all of this SOBER?

GREEN $2.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title:Criminal Macabre
Issue:#19: Two Red Eyes #3
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2007 February
Release Date:

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