[Final Destination - Spring Break Vol. 1 #3]

Final Destination - Spring Break Vol. 1 #3

by Mike Kalvoda & Lan Medina
This is the third issue of a series based on the hit movie series from New Line Cinema. Death continues to stalk spring breaker vacationers in Cancun. An accident at the Mayan ruins and a freak scuba diving tragedy claim the lives of two more of Carly's friends. A visit with a local fortune teller confirms Carly's suspicion that Death does indeed have a design. She is determined to escape Cancun and leave this nightmare behind once and for all. But another horrible accident at the airport claims the lives of several more vacationers and grounds the airplane, keeping Carly and her remaining friends trapped in Mexico.


Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Final Destination
Issue:- Spring Break Vol. 1 #3
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2006 September
Release Date:

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