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[Iron Man: Hypervelocity No. 1]

Iron Man: Hypervelocity No. 1

Written by ADAM WARREN
Penciled by BRIAN DENHAM
A single, grueling night of high-speed, mechanized mayhem finds Tony Stark and a new, uniquely improved version of the Iron Man armor caught in the crossfire between the bleeding-edge technology of an insurgent mecha subculture and the massed hardware of an elite "cape-killing" paramilitary force. Besieged by ballistic missiles, supersonic jihadi LMDs, seductive viral avatars and cyberdrug-addled roboravers, Iron Man must push himself far beyond his technological and biological limits to survive the onslaught of ultra-tech war machinery...
Writer Adam Warren (Livewires) delivers the fast-paced, tech-laced narrative, and artist Brian Denham renders the action in high-contrast "technoir" realism, with Guru eFX adding vibrant colors to the mix.

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Iron Man: Hypervelocity
Issue:No. 1
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2007 March
Release Date:

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Iron Man: Hypervelocity

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