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[Criminal (series 1) No. 3]

Criminal (series 1) No. 3

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Top Ten writer Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Cap, Uncanny X-Men) and best-selling Marvel Zombies artist Sean Phillips' CRIMINAL is the hottest creator-owned debut of the year, and the third part of their acclaimed first arc, "Coward" shows you why critics are already hailing it as the best new comic of the year!
The heist has fallen to pieces, and Leo and Greta are hiding out, waiting for the smoke to clear. But they have half the take with them, and their "friends" are not happy about that. So while Leo helps Greta heal from her injuries, they plot their next move, knowing any wrong step could mean death for them and the people they care about.
Bonus -- CRIMINAL promises more content than the average comic, with each issue packed from cover to cover with content, featuring a full length continuing story, as well as back-up stories and articles and DVD-style behind the scenes extras.

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Publisher:Marvel Comics / Icon
Issue:(series 1) No. 3
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2006 December
Release Date:

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