[Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #3 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)]

Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #3 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)

by Ken Siu-Chong
Raised in luxury by her rich and powerful parents, Karin Kanzuki was given every advantage throughout her life and excelled at anything she set her mind on. Everything that she ever wanted was hers, except a victory against Sakura! Finding the perfect time to pounce, Karin challenges Sakura to their long-awaited rematch, but in a new form of combat that will take every ounce of their mental and physical discipline to master.


Publisher:Udon Entertainment
Title:Street Fighter Legends
Issue:- Sakura #3 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)
Cover Price:$3.95
Cover Date:2006 October
Release Date:

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[Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #3 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)]

Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #3 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)


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