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[Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #2 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)]

Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #2 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)

by Ken Siu-Chong & Omar Dogan
The adventures of everyone's favorite street fighting schoolgirl continue in this action-packed, white-knuckled issue! Sakura's trip to a wrestling ring teaches her something about fighting, but not how she expected! When a battle spills outside of the squared circle, Sakura joins forces with Japan's first lady of wrestling, Rainbow Mika, in an all-out battle for survival! The opponent of this unlikely tag-team is none other than the pride of Russia, Zangief! Meanwhile, keeping a watchful eye on the situation is Sakura's arch nemesis, Karin, who has her own dastardly plans of revenge in store for her!

GREEN $3.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Udon Entertainment
Title:Street Fighter Legends
Issue:- Sakura #2 (Cover B - Alvin Lee)
Cover Price:$3.95
Cover Date:2006 September
Release Date:

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[Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #2 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)]

Street Fighter Legends - Sakura #2 (Cover A - Omar Dogan)


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